Air Invasion

Air Invasion 3.11

Defend the military base from the enemy's aerial attack forces

Use various opens such as pistols, automated rifles, and even rocket launchers to destroy the enemy aerial assault front. Be mindful of your life as well as energy; stay away from the enemy's bullets and shoot their missiles down before they reach the ground.

Air Invasion 2.0 is a great arcade game in which you will play the role of a commando that has to defend a military base from aerial attacks. Some of the troops will land so you will have to defend the base from air shooting and ground shooting. In the main screen you will have access to general options configuration, such as view mode, sound and music and your country definition. There is also a help section that will show you the objectives of the game and general instructions. In the game you will fight against four different kinds of airplanes and some helicopters, as well as three different kinds of troopers. While you fight you can catch bonuses like gun cartridges, rocket cartridges, grenade cartridges, first aid sets and tanks with gold. In order to move you can use the arrow keys or your mouse, to choose your weapon use the space bar and for shooting you will need the Ctrl key. The game is as easy to install as to play it, remember all you have to do is to defend your base from Air Invasion.

Augusto Rivera
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  • Runs real smooth so it doesn't affect your pcs performance


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